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Best Pizza Joints in Shenzhen

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At the end of some long days in China, you need to go back to your roots. You need the comfort food that makes you feel like you are home, you need pizza. Buyer beware, almost any Chinese Western restaurant will serve pizza, but you risk getting two things: frozen pizza with low quality ingredients (and I don’t mean Tombstone pizza from the local supermarket) including the wrong type of cheese or pizza with corn, shrimp and other strange toppings. I have even seen a Tuna pizza with “special sauce”. If you are in Shenzhen, here are a list of the places you should frequent!

NYPD Pizza

Not only is this the best pizza in town, but I would match it against  most of your local pizza parlors back home. Truly incredible. The owner is a Papa Johns alumni and knows how to create a great pizza with the right kind of crust and imported California tomatoes for the sauce. If you are not from the Futian District then finding this gem can be a challenge. It is located at the Central Walk shopping center, with an outside entrance beside the new Xpats Lounge and down from The Spaghetti House. Drop in there for a drink with local owners and have your pizza delivered. If you are based in Shekou, then standby, a location is going up soon in the Sea World area.

Phone外送电话: 8887-NYPD(6973)English: 13798471160
CBD: FL-1015 Store, Central Walk, FuHua 1 Rd., Futian Di
st. 福田区福一路中心


An upscale decored italian restaurant featuring high quality pizza pies you would expect back home.  Prices are exceptional for Western food in the city. Located in Shekou, Sea World area.

Shop No 103, Haibin Commercial Center, Sea World Square, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (opposite Starbucks)


Trattoria Italiana da Angelo in Shekou

This is one of the restuaruants that you save for that special date night once a month. Aside from the Pizza, which is extreme thin crust, the food here is some of the best in town. True Authentic with ambieance.

No 12, Taizi Plaza, Taizi Rd., Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


American Brands

Don’t forget there are always the American brand pizzas here in China, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. They have call centers, but you must know some valuable information for delivery: your street intersection and apartment complex name. Don’t worry they have English representatives in the call centers, just ask.


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